To the woman who is broken. The woman who can’t take it anymore. The woman who wants to go deeper. The woman who needs restoration in her home, in her heart.

You’re the woman who needs a word. 

You need a word from the Lord. Not a pat on the back, it’s gonna be alright word. No. You, my dear, need a full on, hope empowered, heart gripping, eye to eye, real and genuine word from your God. You need to hear His voice. You need to hear His direction. You need to hear His comforting songs being sung over you. You are at a place in your walk, in your life, where Sunday’s alone aren’t cutting it anymore. You’ve sensed this urgency to go deeper with your Daddy. Deeper than you’ve EVER gone. 

And if this is true, honey? You’ve come to the right place. 

To the woman who needs a word are posts that we will write just for you, just for us, in hopes that you will find truth that sets you free. These posts are written from the beautiful heart of our Flourisher, Angie Pennington, and as she (as well as the team) seeks the Lord on your behalf, begin asking the Lord NOW what He might want to sweetly speak to you through our words. You can find our To the woman who needs a word when you scroll to the bottom of our homepage and click on our categories. 

Woman at the well, Woman at His feet, Woman exposed before men, Woman wandering in the wilderness, Woman lacking faith, Woman longing to reach out to touch the robe of Jesus…

Today is your day. Today is the day to FLOURISH.