To the girl who….you fill in the blank.

We get it. We SO get it. Life for girls? Anything but easy. No matter what, we know that regardless of the age, girls and women alike struggle. From the second that pretty little daughter is born into this world, she is born with baggage. We all carry baggage that if not dealt with, can turn our tomorrows into nightmares. To the girl who is the whole basis of what we do at Flourish. To the girl who is for any girl anywhere any time going through something hard, something difficult, something that maybe seems impossible to overcome. 

The Lord’s plans for you are great, daughter of God, and He longs to see you flourish through the hard parts of life. He longs to see you flourish in your walk with Him. He longs to see your hand in His. And we girls at FLOURISH long to see it too. 

From daddy issues to addictions to boyfriend drama to college life to miscarriage to adoption, our posts are written with hopes that the Lord will bring you to them and use them to help carry you through your season, wherever that may be. You can find all of our topics by scrolling to the bottom of our home page and clicking on categories. Scroll through, find the one that jumps out to you, and together, darlin’?