WELP, if you’re reading this you’ve made it to Flourish! Ahhh! THIS calls for some SERIOUS break dancing (which I am actually doing as we speak in my kitchen..) Flourish girls ministry has been a long time in the making. If you’re a middle schooler who hasn’t figured herself out yet, this is for YOU. If you’re a raging teen lost in the mix of trying to fight through the awkwardness of EVERYTHING HIGHSCHOOL, this is for YOU. If you’re a on your way college girl who is wandering through the desert with NO signs of direction (or you’re on your third try at a new major..HA), this blog is TOTALLY, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT FOR YOU. This ministries MAIN goal is to give YOU a chance to actually FLOURISH through the hard parts of your life and to do so through finding out what your Abba Daddy has to say about those hard parts. God has told us straight up in Psalm 92:13 that when we are planted in the house of the Lord,


We wanna see you flourish in your walks with Jesus,…we wanna see you nose dive into the deep end of the junk and wanna watch Jesus set you free. You will have opportunities to comment on topics and get advice that will help you personally. You will get to journey along with us as we study God’s word TOGETHER…figure this whole Jesus thing out…and like a massive oak tree thats been around hundreds of years, withstood thousands of storms, tornadoes, winds, you name it, you will STAND through the awkward. Not only will you stand, you will run INTO the storm ready and geared up for a flat on war. We wanna see your walk with Jesus at a whole new level. We wanna see you fall in love with who He is. With His word, with His desires, with His dance….So, what are you waiting for? JOIN us! Lock arms with ya girlfriends and let’s flourish in Jesus TOGETHER!


Ashleigh Gurley




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  1. Cassandra Acree says:

    Hello, to the wonderful girls that make Flourish Girls Ministry possible!

    I’m a typical girl in college that loves reading blog posts to feed her soul with God’s truth, so when I happened to stumble across your blogs I immediately signed up for the regular emails. I have truly felt God speak to me through your words, so I thank you all for allowing God to use you in ways that maybe you never thought would become a reality. I’ve absolutely loved the messages that you have shared, and I hope to continue receiving such raw and humble messages from girls that though I don’t know personally, I have felt a strong spiritual bond.

    I’m writing because ​back in the summer I was intrigued and inspired by the “To the girl… Who wants to be a wildflower” post. I could personally relate to this as I am always reminding myself to become more of the ​young woman, or ​wildflower that God, Himself, created me to be. It would be a whole heck-of-a-lot easier to stay as a wallflower, just as we are, but we all know that God challenges us to become the best versions of ourselves. So, I absolutely loved the idea of comparing this lifelong journey to be​ing your own ​wildflower. I ​have since fallen in love with having wildflowers as my computer background, and pinning pictures of flowers to my pinterest, lol.

    I’m involved with a ministry called “Extraordinary Mission” that travels around the country speaking to all ages about becoming the best version of yourself. I am one of the musicians that provide live music throughout the course of the event, so I instantly gravitated towards writing a song about the impact your blog posts have had on me. I’ve recorded and ​created a ​homemade music video of what I came up with, and thought maybe you would like to hear the fruits from which your ministry is planting seeds.​ I’m happy to announce that it is finally done! Here is the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diFZWbYOqII

    Your ministry continues to move me as I lean in closer to God’s heart, and I can’t thank you enough for that. May God continue to bless all of you and your families.

    Your sister in Christ,

    Cassandra Acree

    1. Cassandra,

      OH MY WORD. GIRL! How awesome are you? We just listened and watched your music video and are seriously blown away. Tears are literally streaming down this face, girl who loves Jesus. We are SO in awe of how incredible our God is…connecting you with us, us with you, and then inspiring you through us to embrace words that He’s spoken over you, put them to music and make His name famous. We LOVED your song, your words, your passion, your gift, your talent. You are truly inspiring and we are so thankful that you have reached out to us. We never know who our words touch, but we pray through every post that they reach who God’s intended for them to reach and girl, what confirmation we have found tonight through you! If it’s alright with you, we would LOVE to post about you and your inspired video on our instagram. What a beautiful testimony you have getting to travel around the country. If you ever want Flourish to come join you, let us know! HA! =) How fun would that be!! Praying for you as you flourish beautifully in your walk with our beautiful Daddy. I know He is SO ridiculously proud of the wildflower you are and are still becoming.
      Flourish, Cassandra, Flourish,

      Founder of Flourish Girls Ministry

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