Flourish on a Dime: What I’m Living Without


Has it really been WEEKS since I’ve added more words to my journey towards a simple life and a full heart?

Well, if you were wondering, the journey is going just beautifully. It’s beautifully hard, but still, it’s a beaut. I can honestly testify that my life today looks nothing like it did a year ago. In every shape and form, it’s so opposite ends of the spectrum different. I have learned more in the past 365 days than I feel I’ve learned my entire lifetime and if anything is ringing true in this season, it’s these two things.

Jesus is enough for me.

And there is more joy to be found in simplicity than excess.

Bottom line, I don’t need it.

As I reflect on the past two months and how my little family has begun penny pinching and making goals for ourselves financially, I am beginning to see some flourishing going on in this heart of mine. Not only have we started meeting our goals and have, slowly but surely started seeing a change in our bank account, but we have realized that majority of the things we used to think we need…

We just really don’t need.

And that’s why I’m here now. That’s what I wanna whisper to you. In the quiet. While things are still and silent tonight as I type. What is it that you think you need so badly? So badly that your family is suffering financially for it? So badly that you’re walking in constant discouragement, constant want of it? What is it that’s stolen your joy?

For me, it was this desire to constantly go and do. That in itself is not a bad thing, but because I was always throwing things on our calendar that cost money, our bank account and our goals were suffering. In this season of working over time to save and meet our goals, the Lord has really asked me to lay down the things that before, I thought I needed in order to live a full and exciting life. That was me with my eyes off of Jesus, because living life with Him? There’s nothing more exciting. Jesus plus nothing equals everything.

This is where that first point radiates. Yes, I have laid down going out to eat. Brett and I can count on one hand how many times we have been out to eat OR gotten fast food in the last several months. Yes, I have laid down my usual trip to Starbucks. In fact, Brett has surprised me twice with Starbucks since we’ve started this journey to simple living, and can I tell you how excited I was to see that little white cup? Things like going out to eat or grabbing fast food or visiting my aunt to find cookies from cookie fix or seeing God bring sweet provision through my mom filling up my gas tank or my dad surprising us with diapers or walking through the mall and buying absolutely nothing, but enjoying it all the same as I breath in that intoxicating mix of Cindy Cinnamon Roll and Hollister cologne…these little things that I used to take for granted, have become massively big grand things that I find myself celebrating over as the Lord surprises me with them randomly. When I find ten bucks in my jean pocket, I thank Jesus that He has given me money to grab my babies some more wipes. When we have extra in our account, I find myself thanking Jesus that we can put that into savings and move towards those new tires. A thankful heart is honestly your ticket to finding out that Jesus truly is enough and that thankful heart explodes when you begin laying things in your life down, because you realize that EVERYTHING you have is a gift. A gift given to you by God himself.

I have found that I can live without the things I thought I needed so badly. Now, when God does decide to bring these little things into my life, it brings such joy, such sweetness. I find myself cherishing the little things now. The things I know I don’t need, but the things that God loves to give just because He’s good. Just by resting in His enough and living without, I find a peace that resonates deep within my soul that brings me more freedom than any Starbucks latte ever could.

For me, this season of refining, of stripping, of simplifying…has been so hard and beautiful in the same. As I lay down the things that my money was going towards, as I choose to stay, to save gas money and park myself at home most days, I’ve found that my time with Jesus has increased. My focus on my sweet babies has become even sweeter. I stay home. I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. I get creative. I find myself saving money, slashing debt and drawing closer and closer to our goals.

Never think that if the Lord is calling you to lay something down for a season, that you will be left empty handed. He always fills those hands with something more satisfying. He always fills those hands with Himself.

So friend? Know this. That wherever you find yourself, if in a season that looks a lot like mine or in a season just the opposite…


Jesus is enough for you


there is more joy to be found in simplicity.

Bottom line, you don’t need it.


Flourish, baby, flourish,


ash and brett


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  1. Alesha Thompson says:

    Wow! The hubs and I are going through these same changes! It’s incredible how our mindset has changed over this past year and how we’ve shifted our focus from “things” to moments and people. My relationship with the Lord has strengthened as well as our marriage. I have felt freedom with less and it’s incredible. We still have a ways to go, but we are truly, for the first time, placing our trust in the Lord when it comes to our finances and believing in his promises of provision. I’m glad to see others doing the same! Thank you for your encouraging words! 😘

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