The Excellent Wife: Week 3 Homework


Good Morning ladies!

Before we get started, I want you to stop. I want you to close your eyes. I want you to ask the Lord to speak to you in a way you’ve not known before. Ask Him to put a love in your heart for Him, for HIS heart. Everything we attempt to do from this point on will be absolutely impossible without His presence in our lives. Without Him in this, the journey to this excellent way is for nothing. All in vain. He is all we need and every breath we take is another breath to tell Him we are His. Now and forever. His to do with what He wants. To teach us what He wants. To remove what He wants.  Ask Him to fill your presence before we jump in this morning sweet friend. Worship is a beautiful beautiful door into hearing His voice.

I hope you’re currently somewhere sipping on a good ole cup of coffee this morning while reading this. It’s a beautiful new day filled with beautiful new opportunities to pour into our relationships with our God and with our husbands. A brand new day given to us by the Lord Himself and oh my, do we have a lot to accomplish together as we tackle it head on. We must make the decision each morning this week to spend our very first moments in the word with the Lord. We must walk with our minds guarded against lies of defeat, of guilt, of condemnation, of a haughty spirit, of bitterness, hatefulness, ugly words…the list goes on for miles. We must step into the right mindset of who our God is, of who we are because of Him and of who He is calling us to be as daughters and as wives. We have already learned SO much these past three weeks and honestly? I’m blown away that here we’ve found ourselves…smack dab in the middle of week  three. I pray as you’ve listened to our Facebook Live messages the past three weeks that the Lord has gripped your heart in a way like never before, that He has lit a sparkling new fire in your life to love Him and honor Him with every bit of it. I pray that you have begun seeing your husband in a different light. As a ministry. As YOUR ministry. As a gift and not a curse. As an opportunity to be like Christ as we bend down to serve, as we put his wants and needs and desires above our own. What a beautiful gift we have as wives who are called to live like Christ in our marriages!

This week we unpacked a load full. First, we unpacked God’s nature to protect us. We learned that regardless of what’s going on in our husbands lives, we are held accountable as followers of Christ to be obedient to the Lord in our marriages and we can know that when we choose Jesus, we are protected. He longs to protect us. Second, we dug into this awkward question of “how do we respond when our husbands correct us?” Another word for correct is reproof and how ironic that in my Facebook live video (that I shared with all of you just yesterday), I spoke on this very word and the beauty that lies within it found in Proverbs 1:23?

“If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my Spirit to you, I will make my words known to you.”

We’ve chatted about how we are called to respond biblically when our husbands try to point flaws out in us…but what about when it’s the other way around? How do you handle seeing things in our HUSBAND’S lives that we know need to be addressed?

Do we nag them to death until we get our way?

Absolutely not. But, do you feel like YOU nag your husband? Has there ever been something he has done that’s had you constantly on his tail over it? Constantly throwing remarks at him? Relentlessly heaping guilt on him with high hopes that somehow it will change him?

No really. I wanna know. Share a time and instance when you’ve chosen to resort to nagging as a way of letting your husband know his faults. What was it over and what was the end result?


Do you feel like your nagging about it was the right approach? How do you think you could have handled the situation better and how was your husbands attitude towards you afterwards?


For this homework lesson, we’re parking ourselves on pages 42 through 44 in our books. Your challenge? Pick through these four main guidelines on how to handle these kinds of situations in your marriage and take detailed notes.




Spend time writing out each verse that correlates with the points and then ask yourselves these questions:

1. Have I ever done the opposite of this? How did that situation go?

2. Do you find yourself really struggling to approach your husband this way? Why do you think that it? Could there be some hidden sin and selfishness, bitterness or unforgiveness still roaming around in your heart? Take a minute to talk with the Lord and spend some time asking Him to cleanse you from all unrighteousness, to give you His power to break and overcome these strongholds in your life.

3. Instead of approaching your husband like you have in the past, after reading this point, what is an example of a way that you could approach him in the future?

I pray that you take to heart these amazing truths today and that you put on your spiritual armor as you go to war for your marriage and for your husband. Here’s the beautiful thing ladies. Because of Christ, we are already victorious in all things. We have won because Jesus has won. He has already defeated the enemy for us. Now all we have to do is claim what’s rightfully ours: the freedom, the victory.

Know that the way you choose to approach your husband about any and every issue, frustration or hurt, has the potential to make or break your husband’s view of Jesus. We have no choice ladies. We must live as Christ and walk as Jesus walked. We must choose to humble ourselves as a servant.

 We must turn at His reproof… so that we can in turn have His Spirit poured out like water on us…so that we can hear and understand His words to us…so we can then be the vessel He uses to pour that very Spirit out on our own husbands. It’s possible ladies. “For nothing shall be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37.

Flourish, Wifey, Flourish,


ash and brett

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