To the girl who…has drifted from God.


You’re starring out at the ocean.

Your toes buried in the sand.

Sunglasses blocking the shade.

You’re focused on the sound of the waves crashing against each other.

Zoned in on the way they foam white after they hit and wash up on the shore.

You decide to step out and wade in the ocean for a few. Water crystal clear, you float. A few minutes pass by, then ten. An hour has gone, and with your back to the shore…you just let it take you.

The currents strong and you feel it pulling you, but you don’t mind going along for the ride just for a second.

Half a day has passed and you finally decide it might be a good idea to head back to your spot on the beach. You turn around. Nothing looks familiar. Nothing looks recognizable. You have no idea where you are and you begin to panic after realizing…you have drifted.

How often do we girls find ourselves here spiritually?

We tip toe into the ocean…into the world…and decide ”hey, i know the flags yellow. I know that flags warning us to stay out, but I just wanna get in for a minute…what’s it gonna hurt?”

You step into the world with just one choice, just one decision, just one harmless “okay, i’ll do it.”

Maybe you’re sitting here and you’ve made the one choice every day to keep your Word at a pretty lengthy distance. You’ve got crap piled on top of it, or shoot, maybe you have no idea where it’s at, but this one choice over the past month, year, has compiled into 365 little choices that has turned into a massive drift from God.

The current grew every day, living in the world got harder and harder. Saying no to the world and choosing Jesus instead just seemed near impossible because of how strong that current became.

When you step into the world, the current of the enemy is fierce. It’s no joke. It pulls you so far down the seashore that before you know it, you’re terrified because you can’t see home.

JESUS is home.

JESUS is where you have drifted from.

But…here’s the cool thing about our God. Here’s the cool thing about our Jesus.

He saw you step in, HE whispered to you “don’t”. You did it anyway, and He followed you.

You didn’t know this, but as you were drifting, Jesus personally chose to step in too. He chose to fight the current.

He war’d with the current.

His desire? To see that current die. To see YOU overcome the current…to get to you.

“He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities, upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace and with his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

Jesus has defeated our enemy. Jesus has made a way for us to get to God. Jesus has conquered everything that has pulled you away from him. Jesus fights for you.

To the girl who has drifted away from Jesus…don’t believe the lie of the enemy that you are too far down the shore to come back to Him.

YOU my dear, are LOVED by the King. You are sought after. You are wanted. The world has nothing for you. The current only sweeps you to a place that’s dark, alone, empty. A place unfamiliar. With no light. No life.

Realize that you’ve drifted. Swim back to Him. Know that Jesus has overcome the world for you, He has fought the current for you. He is wild over you.

Jesus never drifts away from us. It is US who drift away from HIM.

Go spend time with Him.

Get alone with Him.

Talk to Him like a best friend.

Be real with Him.

Open up your Word with Him.

Read His love letters to you and as you embrace His beautiful truth, rest in knowing that you cannot earn His love. He has poured ALL of His love out on you.

His love is deeper than the ocean.

His love holds mysteries you and I will never comprehend.

His love satisfies the deepest parts of your longing heart more than anything in this world ever will.

Embrace him…and let the current of His LOVE consume you. Let THAT be what drifts you closer to the embrace of His arms. You have not drifted too far for the Lord to reach out and grab you up. He’s your Abba Daddy….and if His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.

“No, in all this, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us…For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers , or height or depth, nor anything else in ALL CREATION will be able to separate from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. ” Romans 8:37

Flourish, baby, Flourish,



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