To the girl who…doesn’t know what to do.


“Decisions are the worst…”


Forget the fact that the girl who said this in the movie was having a ridiculously difficult time deciding what to wear out of her massive million dollar closet. She might have been a spoiled brat, but dang, she had those words right.

Aren’t decisions really awful? I mean, they’re great in a sense…because decisions could potentially shout “out with the old and in with the new”. Yes, decisions can bring about some incredible changes in our lives. But I’ve lived just long enough to also see the flip side. Decisions can bring changes that leave regret, bring devastation and turn your life upside down.

Decisions are hard for me. Are they hard for YOU?

If you’re like me, you have a super hard time picking out the best choice within a decision. Come ON. We’re women for crying out loud. We have a hard enough time choosing what we’re gonna cook for dinner, or choosing to psyche ourselves into going to the gym (which would be a GOOD decision). Yeah, the little decisions and choices and options are hard enough, but when you get into the major, life altering decisions, a heavy cloud of panic sets in.

How are you gonna make this decision? Or better yet, what choice does GOD want you to make in this decision?

Sometimes I have such a hard time hearing the right answer. More often than not, in fact.

I read in Isaiah the words “And when you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying ,”This is the way…walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21) and I try to find rest in those words. I find myself asking Jesus over and over to show me this way, to show me the right way to walk through this fork in the road.

And when all I hear is confusion, my own thoughts, clutter? Well, I begin to lose hope. I begin to feel like I’ll never make the right decision. I begin to listen to the extra noise dancing around in my ears.

And that just might be our problem.

We want to hear from God on this decision and your heart, your motive IS right. You genuinely want to follow the Lord in His leading, even if that means leaving everything, even if that means laying everything down, even if that means releasing your control of fear over what’s to come for you. Your heart is pure in this search to the right decision, and He sees that…


the reason we so often do not hear His sweet voice whispering to us may very well be due to the fact that we have allowed our hearts to seek other things before Him.


We have refused to truly “be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10), even you, girl who loves your Savior so very much. Have you truly become still before Him? Have you cut off all other voices coming through the airwaves of your thoughts? Have you cut off the Netflix? Have I cut off Spotify? Have I cut off running to my friends for advice? Have I cut off the unnecessary clutter to purposely hear the voice of God regarding this decision?

So often I do not. And I get upset because I don’t know what to do. And I run to the girls in my life to find an answer. I’ve run to my mom in endless panics over decisions in the past and here recently, I actually ran to her again. Her response this time was quite different than the past times.

Instead of telling me what to do and what decision to make, she replied to text with this…

“Get in your Word. Get in James. Be still before Him and seek Him with all of your heart. Tune out the world. Tune out your emotions. Ask God to remove your emotions from this decision. Ask God for wisdom. Ask God for ears that are cleared of the extra noise flooding your mind. And at THE perfect time, HE will hear you. HE will answer you. Not in YOUR time, but in HIS. Just be still, Ashleigh.”

Do you have a decision you’re up against? Maybe it’s a not so big decision. Maybe it’s a mega massive life changing decision. Regardless of whether big or small, we MUST choose to truly be still before the Lord in order to hear Him. We must become His sheep and follow Him wherever He goes. We must live to hear His voice, as sheep live to hear their shepherds voice direct them on what to do and where to go. We must empty our lives of all the clutter that’s blocking the voice of God. We must repent of any sin that’s chained itself to our leg. We must remove the barriers that WE have placed between us and the Lord. We must get silent. We must drive in our car in complete silence. We must spend time talking to Him and less time watching Netflix or listening to music that does us no good.

We MUST if we desire to hear His voice whisper to us… “this is the way…walk in it…”, because I don’t know about you, but oh how my heart longs for His way. His way will always trump my way. His way will ALWAYS lead me to safety in His arms. His way will ALWAYS be the most beautiful way for my life, for yours.

So let’s, as His daughter’s, be still. Remove the extra noise. Lean in and listen with all of our heart. It requires action out of us before hearing anything at all. And this action is sacrifice. How desperate are you to hear the voice of your Father? Desperate enough to be still before His feet? For hours if that’s what it takes?

I’m leaning in. Will you join me?




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